A Wooden Medicine Cabinet’s Multiple Uses

A timeless household item found in many homes is that of a wood medicine cabinet. This form of furniture is found in a vast array of places and has multi-functional capabilities in holding more than just medical necessities. With its organizational possibilities and different facades, it fits into any decor.

Wooden items themselves are viewed by many as high quality products, especially when they are custom built. Wooden items are timeless pieces of furniture that are not cheaply made. Products of this material are harder and harder to find these days. In today’s society, it seems as though quantity is preferred over quality, mainly due to high demand. When something is made of wood, it usually implies that it is a quality made item and there was much care and thought put into it. Just as no two fingerprints are the same, there are no two wooden artifacts that are the same; wood is uniquely made by nature and not humans.

Wooden medicine cabinets hold more than what is stated in their name. Many people initially think of medical supplies to put in cabinets. While this is true, wooden medicine chests can also hold bathroom supplies such as lotions, soaps, or other personal necessities. These cabinets are found in an immense range of places. Of course, a home would be probably the most popular place it can be found. They are also found in many hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and possibly even a local restaurant. While it is true that it is something traditionally found in a lavatory, there’s no rule that says it must be that way. It is probable that they be found in the bedroom or even a hallway upon entering a home or other location. An ideal use for a wooden medicine cabinet may be to hold someone’s keys or as spice racks.

A wooden medicine cabinet can also be tailored to fit in with the decor found inside any location. The color can be stained to match any original woodwork found in any home or location where it is of use. Wood is something that can be engraved, either with drawings, writing or a simple pattern; it is multi-functional. People may choose to have one simply for decoration, and not due to necessity.

As timeless as it is, a wood medicine cabinet holds multiple uses and necessities to people. Whether it is for vanity or materialistic purposes, it is a piece of furniture most people prefer to have in their homes.

How to Create a Personal Literary Medicine Chest for Life’s Ills

The straw that breaks the camel’s back has found its way into your knapsack and now the load has become unbearable. You’ve entered a difficult and challenging period and seek relief of some kind to lessen the stress. There are excellent books, articles and seminars that discuss techniques on how to use past pleasant experiences to mitigate difficult periods of your life and overcome disappointments. But often during those stressful times the mind is so jumbled, confused and fogged with tears it makes it difficult to find, let alone access this psychological medicine chest to get the help you need. It’s easier simply to reach for a bottle of alcohol or bottle of pills.

Here’s a simple way to access that door to psychological refuge. Establish and maintain a specific personal handwritten booklet filled with your signature experiences. Filling this reference booklet should be undertaken only when you feel good. It’s similar to how one should eat right, exercise and get rest so when you catch the inevitable cold, it’s not as severe, lasts a shorter time and you recover faster.

Don’t strive to write a Hemingway classic. There is no particular style. Compose it in a way in which you’ll understand what you mean when you read it later. More importantly make sure that the words powerfully evoke pleasant memories as it should. The memories themselves should be simple, capturing a particular moment with a positive feeling. For example describe how you felt when you saw someone’s slowing developing warm smile with scintillating eyes and a soft laugh in the soft light of dusk and why it was so compelling and special.

The reason why you write it out by hand is that your emotions flow more effectively from your spirit through your arms to the parchment. Because it’s your handwriting it’s uniquely personal and one of a kind. The words form visuals that impact the cerebral cortex immediately sending much needed relief to your psyche. And it’s parchment, not etched in stone, so it’s in a pliable form on which you can deepen those emotions with edits at any time.

A mere paragraph is required for each moment. These moments should be simple and universal wherever you experienced them. It could be at some boisterous party because you were having such a good time or that time you were sitting in an empty cafĂ© listening to the soft murmur of an empty big city purring during a summer holiday weekend, while sipping on your espresso and watching the world go by. Eventually you’ll develop a collection of glorious, diverse experiences which soon will become thicker than what you imagined.

The commonality of this collective is that it’s positive, unique and personal. The reason for the variety, just like a medicine cabinet, is that a particular class of moments will be just the right medicine at just the right time to assuage your anxiety. It’s a reminder that “this too shall pass” and good moments will return because you’ve experienced so many of them already.

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