Let Aloeride Dominate Your Medicine Chest

Why don’t you take a moment to go and check your medicine chest? I’ll be willing to wait a few minutes.

Now tell me: What did you find in there? Old prescription bottles, half full bottles of medication you did take a year ago? Did you find jars of creams, bottles of lotion, teeth whitener strips? Did you find any medication in there you sometimes need to take in order to fight heart burn? And heaven knows what else you found hiding on those shelves.

In my opinion it’s time you clean out your medicine chest. Throw out all the jars, bottles and pills that contain chemicals. By no means am I telling you to throw out anything the doctor prescribed for you. Never stop taking any prescribed medication without informing or asking your physician. Just make sure you also put Aloeride in your medicine chest. You may ask: “And why should I do that?”

Aloeride is the superior Aloe Vera product on the market right now.

For centuries Aloe Vera has been known for its medicinal properties. In ancient times Kings and other persons of royal descent would not leave their palaces, homes, or tents without it. In those days Aloe Vera was mainly used for sunburns, first degree burns and cuts and scrapes. It was also often rubbed onto the skin to make it look smooth and healthy.

Although many people think of Aloe Vera as a cactus the plant in reality belongs to the Lily Family. It originated in the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa, but is now cultivated world wide.

Many companies have developed Aloe Vera products. Some of these companies are good and others not so good. They manufacture creams and lotions containing Aloe Vera. Unfortunately, preservatives and additives are used and the product loses much of its potency. Aloe Vera really is at its best when taken internally. It’s a very tedious task to extract the juices of the Aloe Vera plant properly, without disturbing the nutrients in the juice.

Most companies developing Aloe Vera products have developed the product in liquid form. The problem with that is that Aloe Vera juice has a very unpleasant taste. So, in order to try to improve the taste, companies have added fruit juices to the mix. Not only does this process dilute the Aloe Vera substance but it also puts additives, preservatives and other chemical properties into the mix. The end result is an inferior product.

This brings us to Aloeride. To produce Aloeride the sap is extracted from the plant so carefully that the nutrients stay pure and are unaltered. Aloeride comes in powder form and retains the potency of the nutrients from the original plant.

Independent Labs have done studies and found that the molecules in Aloeride achieve what research determined Aloe Vera should be able to achieve. The studies revealed that Aloeride is by far the superior Aloe Vera product. Doctors all over the world recommend it.

Aloeride is used for so many ailments that you hardly need any other products in your medicine chest. Aloeride is successfully used to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, Gerd/Gord, colitis, stomach ulcers, IBS and IBD, also known as Chron’s disease. It positively affects digestive problems and also helps Diabetes patients.

The tiny capsules containing the powder are embedded in a foil strip. Every box has 2 foil strips in it, each containing 14 capsules. This makes it also easy to carry the product with you wherever you go.

Don’t you think it’s time to jump on the Aloeride bandwagon, clean out your medicine chest and start feeling healthier with just Aloeride on the shelf?