What’s in Nature’s Medicine Chest for Horse Allergies and Hayfever?

Does your horse suffer from allergies and hayfever like symptoms? Spring and summer can certainly be the time of year when such unpleasant problems can make themselves known. Just like humans, horses can suffer the horrible effects of hayfever but luckily there are some wonderful herbs available to ease the discomfort.

Hayfever in horses can often manifest as a recurrent cold like symptom with coughing and streaming eyes. It can be like a constant recurrent cold which your horse never seems to fully recover from. The lungs can become inflamed and your horse can be more susceptible to infections. Head shaking is another possible symptom. He may be tired and lethargic and generally seem quite miserable.

There are different causes to allergic respiratory problems. There are molds, spores and weeds which can be found in hay or even in the pastures during spring and summer. The body can become sensitive to these elements and cause an allergic reaction. When feeding hay it is wise to wet the hay so you are decreasing the dust element.

Your vet will be able to possibly find the cause using a procedure that looks at the fluid and cells in the horse’s lungs to see how bad the allergy is. There is also a blood test that can determine what ‘in fact your horse is allergic to which in turn will make it a lot easier to treat.

From a herbal perspective the horses immune system is usually seen to be quite low. You therefore can start treatment by boosting the immune system early in the season. Herbs such as Echinacea, Garlic. Rosehips and Kelp are all great general immune boosting herbs. Echinacea and Garlic will also be helpful for fighting any infection that may be developing.

Natural expectorants can help soothe a cough and clear the passages, making breathing easier for your horse.. Herbs such as Mullein and Marshmallow are 2 such herbs. Vitamins found in herbs can help restore damaged tissues and build up the immune system also.

Natural antihistamines have an important part to play when it comes to allergies. Horseradish is a lovely effective herb and can help reduce streaming eyes and some of the uncomfortable symptoms. Also calming down an over reactive nervous system with herbs such as chamomile is a great way to go.